AAINIAs a part of the Dialfarma R&D Project, the Ainia Techonology Center is working in a new dynamic in vitro digestor model that is able to predict better the solubility of the functional ingredients during the gastrointestinal digestion process.


Faced with the growing demand of healthier products, the industry is developing new food ranges with functional properties. In line with this trend, Ainia is working with the technology of the dynamic digestor in vitro that reproduces the natural conditions of the human gastrointestinal tract to prove how much the functional ingredients arrive intact to the intestine.

The researcher Blanca Viadel has pointed out that this digestor “will be able to better predict the solubility of functional ingredients throughout the gastrointestinal digestion process”.

In the pharmacy sector, Juan Antonio Nieto, researcher at Ainia, who also works in the project, considers that “the improved prediction of the dissolution profile of the active ingredients contained in the drugs will make it possible to develop more efficient medicines at a lower cost”.

The new in vitro dynamic digester will allow to estimate with more accuracy the amount of compounds incorporated in foods or drugs that can be absorbed by the organism, as well as the zone of the digestive system where the maximum absorption take place.

In addition, it will help food and pharmaceutical companies to select the most effective prototypes, reducing the number of clinical trials and development costs, as well as reducing times to the market launch.


The work that Ainia is developing on the in vitro dynamic digester model is framed in the Dialfarma project, supported by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) and co-financed by the ERDF funds of the European Union.

This project can help around 300 SMEs and 20 pharmaceutical laboratories in the Valencian Community that are currently working on the development of products and functional ingredients with beneficial properties to health or capable to reduce the risk of suffering certain pathologies.