The fairgrounds of Ifema in Madrid will host on 14 and 15 February 2018 a new edition of Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo, which first call “was a success”, confirms Esther Cano, Event Manager of Nutraceuticals Europe. She announces that this year “we expect to have more than 100 exhibitors, so the exhibition footage increases, and we hope to exceed 2,500 professional visitors”.


TF.- When the second edition of Nutraceuticals Europe is close to its celebration, what is your assessment of the first call in 2017?

EC.- Nutraceuticals Europe 2017 was a novelty, being the first event held in Spain dedicated entirely to the functional ingredients and novel ingredients. The call, in Summit & Expo format, with a high scientific and specialized content, was a success according to the words of the speakers, visitors and congressmen, achieving the goal of transmitting knowledge, innovation and business generation that we had marked.


TF.- And what are the prospects for the 2018 edition?

EC.- In the 2018 edition we expect to have more than 100 exhibitors, so the exhibition footage increases. Regarding visitors, we have over 2,500 professionals.


TF.- The event was born with strong sectorial support, both from the associations and entities representing the target sectors of the meeting at national and international level. With what backups does NTC count this year?

EC.- Indeed, Nutraceuticals Europe has had great sectorial support since its inception. The project was born by and for the sector, so they are a fundamental part of the event.

On the one hand, we continue with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, the Spanish Agency for Consumption, Food Safety and Nutrition (AECOSAN) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment. These supports show the interest generated by the nutraceutical market in our country.

In terms of support from business and technology associations, we have AFCA, strategic partner of Nutraceuticals Europe and whose president, Prof. Andrés Gavilán, holds the position of President of NTC Europe Congress, Afepadi, AINS, Anefp, Anfaac, Apard, Asebio , Detic, EHPM, Essna, EU Specialty Food Ingredients, Farmaindustria, Likochema, Naredi, Stanpa, Synadiet, Veterindustria, Ainia, Eurecat, Food For Life Spain Platform, Wine Technology Platform, Technological Platform of Innovative Medicines and Vet + i Foundation. In addition, two more international associations have joined the project in the 2018 edition: the International Probiotics Association (IPA) and the Gelatine Manufacturers Europe (GME).


TF.- How do you assess the market situation of functional ingredients and novel ingredients as a framework in which NTC 2018 is developed? What trends are dominating this market that will be reflected in the offer of the show?

EC.- The market for functional ingredients and novel ingredients is experiencing an annual growth rate of around 7.2% during the period 2017-2020, according to the report of the international consultancy MarketsandMarkets. Companies invest more and more in R + D + i to achieve healthy products that meet the expectations of consumers. If we focus on Spain, the estimated growth of nutraceutical products is between 10-15%. Nutraceuticals Europe wants to contribute to the development of nutraceutical products by making available to manufacturers the functional ingredients and novel ingredients, as well as the scientific knowledge of these products.

Regarding trends, the objective of nutraceuticals is to help the consumer to achieve better health and wellbeing: probiotics, nucleotides, phytosterols, poly merols, vitamin k2 … In this edition it is worth highlighting the ingredients aimed at improving the immune system, digestive system , ocular health … as well as microencapsulation techniques that allow sustained effects of the functional ingredients and a greater prolonged action.


TF.- What acts are included in the Nutraceuticals Europe program? We want to know more details about the Scientific Congress NTC

EC.- Nutraceuticals Europe has different acts for the transmission of knowledge and innovation of the functional ingredients: NTC Europe Congress, NTC Next Conferences and Seminar Theater.

NTC Europe Congress has a first-class academic-scientific content, as well as speakers of the highest level and recognized international prestige. Some of the topics that will be discussed in the Congress are: health statements, enzymes and botanical substances, carotenoids intended for functional foods, probiotics for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in children, metabolic syndrome, food legislation in nutrients and other substances with healthy properties.


TF.- What role does internationalization play in this edition of Nutraceuticals Europe, both in the exhibitor offer and in the anticipated visitors and in the program of parallel events?

EC.- Nutraceuticals Europe is an international event since its inception. 60% of the exhibiting companies are international. The percentage of international visitors, over 30% in the first edition, will also be extended in 2018, based on the data we obtain from visitors registered today.

Focusing on the program of parallel events, we can see that the international presentations made at the Seminar Theater corresponds to 50%. As for NTC Next Conferences, currently, conferences given by international companies correspond to 80% of the programming.


TF.- How will the innovation in the meeting stand out?

EC.- Nutraceuticals Europe is an event focused on innovation, knowledge and business. Therefore, the whole event is aimed and focused on innovation. The visitors and congressmen will be able to find the latest news, the latest scientific developments in all the parallel events, in all the conferences given at the Summit and, of course, in the exhibition area, where they can also learn from the participating companies, its most innovative products.


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