NUTRACEUTICALS Europe – Summit & Expo, the event specialized in functional ingredients and novel ingredients, celebrating its second edition on February 14 and 15, 2018, continues to boost its international projection.

The association representing the food supplement industry in Belgium and the European Association of gelatine manufacturers joined the event as partners.
In the first edition of Nutraceuticals Europe, more than 25 organizations collaborated as partners, both national and international. All the organizations continue the collaboration in the dissemination of the call outside our borders.


Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe (GME)

Gelatine, a polyvalent protein, used in various sectors for a wide range of products is very important for the pharmaceutical industry, food and nutrition industries. Gelatine is the perfect ingredient to innovate in a wide range of sectors, especially for those who seek to promote health and well-being in a sustainable way.

Founded in 1974 by leading European gelatine manufacturers, the GME association is an important platform and the number one voice in the gelatine industry. It has the support of the industry. The Brussels-based association currently consists of 11 members, and represents almost 100 percent of the European gelatine production. This counts for one third of the global gelatine production. Since GME’s foundation, the industry, the socio-economic environment and the legal framework have evolved.



NAREDI is the official representative of the Food Supplements Industry in Belgium. NAREDI takes care of a reliable information to its members and defends the interests of the sector towards the Belgian authorities and stakeholders. At the European level, NAREDI is an active member of the European Federation EHPM, the official contact point for the European institutions. Consequently, NAREDI is giving an important input to the process aimed at keeping the European legislation as adequate and workable as possible.