Nutraceuticals Europe – Summit & Expo, the functional ingredients and novel ingredients event, has concluded its first edition, surpassing its expectations with the visit of 2,000 professionals from 25 countries. An international event in which a total of 60 companies have contributed innovative solutions. Tecnifood, preferent media partner of the meeting, has been able to know firsthand the latest trends in the sector.


Nutraceuticals Europe- Summit & Expo has closed its first Edition with a resounding succés. The event, held on 22nd and 23rt February at Feria Madrid, has hosted the offer of 60 exhibiting companyies and has received around 2.000 professionals from 25 different contries who has shown “a great satisfaction and augur a great future to the initiative”, have explained from Aude Business Events, organizers of the event.

Moreover, Nutraceuticals Europe has registered good comercial results due to the high quality of the visitors to the contest.

Throughout the two days, Tecnifood has been a direct testimony of the participants satisfaction, who agreed to point out the personality of the event, clearly focused on the contribution of knowledge, as one of the main factors of differentiation and its main attraction.

Moreover, the Organization have highlighted the response of the invited sectors, “food industries, beverage and dietètic products, pharmaceutical industries and cosmètic laboratiories, that have attended a completely transverse innovative event”.

The first edition of the fair has been complemented by a scientific congress that has been held in parallel to the trade show and has had first line speakers. Its content has approached about twenty conferences about different topics of high interest for the functional food industry, such as healthy statements, current legislation and novel foods, among many others.

The Seminar Theater, NTC Next and Premium Substances areas, have been “the axis around which has turned the fair”, as explained to visitors to Tecnifood. Thus, the exhibition space Seminar Theater, collected multiple presentations from companies such as Galenicum, Massimo Commercial, Vitae Naturals, Disproquima, Primex, Weishardt, AstaReal, Solchem and Asebio, among many others.


Tecnifood has been direct testimony of to the satisfaction of the participants, who agreed to point out the personality of the event, clearly focused on the contribution of knowledge


On the other hand, the fair offered exhibitors an area to show their most innovative ingredients: Premium Substances, which exhibited advanced developments of companies such as Vitae Naturals, Metarom, Solchem, AstaReal, Primex, Disproquima, Kerat’innov among Others. The program has been completed with the differents NTC Next conferences that have reflected the innovative effort of the sector companies. The most innovative products

With the funcional ingredients as protagonist of the event, the companyies of the sector have not lost the opportunity to exhibit their latest innovations in Nutraceuticals Europe.

Vitae Naturals has presented at the fair AK Bone, an ingredient that provides the rapid supplementation of vitamin K2 natural by allowing, in addition, the constant and prolonged availability of this vitamin thanks to its production by Lactococcus AB194 that contributes to the maintenance of A good calcium metabolism, thus improving bone health. The company highlighted this product in Premium Substances.

Metarom Ibérica has opted for its Acti’sens brand, recently extended with new products Acti’mask Pro, that with a vegetable proteins mask the bitter gettign a more neutral flavor, and provide more creamy and sweet notes to create a pleasant and smooth. Available in powder form, other characteristics are its ease of use, cold solubility and resistance to heat.


Melaline, a keratin extracted from black sheep wool that protects the skin against the adverse effects of sun exposure and that potentiates the tan, has been the great bet of Comercial Química Massó in Nutraceuticals Europe. This ingredient, of its represented Kerat’innov, was exposed in the space Premium Substances. In addition, Comercial Química Massó has deployed its broad portfolio of solutions from other companies represented as Principium and GPE, who have been co-exhibitors.
Disproquima has shown as the latest innovation Lactitol, a laxative associated with a well-known functional ingredient, Prunus extract, rich in fiber, sorbitol and polyphenols with physiological benefits. It is a nutritional supplement very easy to take, with good flavor and whose composition is presented in envelopes. The brand also took the opportunity to announce that this ingredient has recently received a positive opinion from EFSA.

Inquiaroma came with its companies represented for Spain and Portugal in the nutraceutical market Akay, Improve USA, Weishardt and Groupe Grap’Sud that showed their wide catalog of products. During the first day, Weishardt explained at the Seminar Theater his product Naticol, a peptide that contributes to the biological NTC_Europe_2017_Venue_6functionalities like beauty, musculoskeletal state and weight control. Groupe Grap’Sud exhibited in the Premium Substances the ingredient exGrape Total, a natural extract of polyphenol standardized

The main novelty of Pharmafoods is the recent acquisition of a company called Nutrifoods, distributor of raw material, dedicated to commodities and product fractionation. Also during the fair, the company has promoted Vitamin K2 Natural, necessary for the body and obtained through biotechnological processes, and astaxanthin AstaReal, the most powerful antioxidant carotenoid when it comes to free radical uptake.

At the Trades booth, it has been present two of its most important representatives for this sector, the producer of marine functional ingredients Abyss Ingredients that exhibited its wide portfolio of products among which we find marine cartilage, Peptidyss or Tenssidyss, among others, and the manufacturer Of chitosan, Primex, which has shown LipoSan Ultra, one of the most notorious novelties, that allows to use this ingredient for weight control in new applications such as shots, vials or single dose sachets.

DKSH, is a company dedicated to the distribution of ingredients and specialties, has been present with its represented Anklam Extract, which has presented the extracts of maqui (antioxidants) Delphinol® and Maquibright®; Kaneka Pharma, which has exhibited the reduced axtioxidant Kaneka Ubiquinol ™ and Nutratis, which has shown its phytosterols ,Cardiosmile ™. They have also exposed the rest of functional ingredients of its catalog as the bioactive collagen peptides of Gelita or aloe vera of Aloecorp, among many others.


The organization has highlighted the response of the sectors invited, “food industries, beverages and diet products, pharmaceutical industries and cosmetic laboratories, have attended a meeting”


Galenicum, for its part, bets on a novel ingredient that is shaping up as an alternative in the European market in relation to the omega 3 plant of microalgae. Other products highlighted by the firm in Nutraceuticals Europe were Cognizin, a natural substance especially vital for brain health that comes as a supplement in food and beverages, Haplex, sodium hyaluronate, and Ecocol, a fresher enhancement prologando than the menthol.

Megaflora 9 has been Solchem’s main bet. It is a new blend of probiotics of effectiveness and superior stability to others thanks to the technology ProbioAct that mixes ingredients with protective and nutritive function specific for the bacteria of the mixture. In addition, has also highlighted Peptan a hydrolyzed collagen formed by type I collagen peptides; Ovomet, an egg membrane with different benefits on the joints, and, finally, Superba krill oil, an important source of phospholipids, omega-3 and astaxanthin.