The estabOriol-Viladevall-Innovafoodlishment of stable and long-term relationships with its international representatives, among which are Prova, Novastell, Cosucra, KitoZyme and Gnosis, is one of the strengths that characterize the company Innovafood, which recently added to the starch manufacturer Kröner Stärke as a new member in its catalog, an addition Oriol Viladevall, CEO of Innovafood, describes as a “coherence issue”.


TF.- Innovafood has just released new offices. We would like to know the details of them.

-Indeed, last July 24 we opened our new offices, which double the surface of the previous ones, in the same building where we were, going on to have more than 140 m2, . It has a large meeting room, service area and a small warehouse for samples, as well as the centralization of all computer assistants in a space of easy access with controlled temperature. In these new facilities, all exterior, we can work comfortably up to eleven people, although at present we are seven.


TF.- What investment has this change implied and what advantages does it provide to its clients?

-In these new facilities the investment has been just over 260,000 euros, including parking for both customers and suppliers, which will provide a better image, more in line with our time, but above all, those who We are going to benefit from this change, we are the workers themselves, thanks to the convenience of working with more space.


TF.- This premiere is the culmination of a successful evolution in recent months. How do you rate the results of the company in the last year?

-The word success always relativized it. For me, success is being able to do what I like and fight for a project that is already over 12 years old. Success is working with people who, in a responsible manner, do their work with rigor and enthusiasm, and yes, in this I feel very fortunate. This collective commitment has resulted in a new record of turnover reaching 2.5 million euros, to which we must add more than double this figure as a commission of our represented.


TF.- Among the events of this year, it is worth noting the addition to its portfolio of represented by Kröner Stärke. What are your main products and what does it contribute to the Innovafood portfolio?

-For Innovafood working with Kröner is a matter of coherence. Starches are not unknown products in the market of ingredients and in this area are operating large companies with huge experience and high performance at very competitive prices. Our alliance with Kröner demonstrates our commitment to high added value products that give us a plus. Their physical methods of obtaining make their products a target for firms that look for very natural ingredients.


TF.- How has the rest of your representatives performed in the last year?

-Any distributor like us must reinvent itself every day. What seems like a stable and secure business turns into quicksand tomorrow, so consolidating is evolving, going out every day knowing that something new is going on and that is the attitude of our team and the people who collaborate with us, of our represented . Globally, we can say that Prova and Novastell had an extraordinary 2016, Cosucra a good year and something more difficult was for Kitozyme. Gnosis has been a separate chapter: its growth is exponential.


TF.- Recently, one of its historical representatives, Novastell, has been acquired by Avril. What does this operation mean for Innovafood? Can you open the door to take representation from other areas of Avril?

-It’s one of the good news of the year. Novastell dragged difficulties at the dimension level and had to take a step forward. Pierre Lebourd and his impeccable management have found the right partner, and with them we have an enormous range of possibilities. The agreement was conceived in Barcelona, during the celebration of CPHi, in October 2016, and we can say with some pride that Innovafood was its catalyst. Our beloved Ramblas put the icing on it (serve this as a tribute).


TF.- Since its founding in 2005, Innovafood has been very active in conducting conferences and meetings with its clients and represented. What is your assessment of these meetings?

-In May 2016 we held our Food and Sports Seminar. It was the third organized by Innovafood and the balance we make is very positive, both for the participation of clients and for the quality of the presentations given. The volume of requests for samples and consultations multiplied and with that came the launches. We are convinced to repeat acts like this one.


TF.- This year, they have also announced their participation in the Nutraceuticals Europe meeting. What will Innovafood highlight in its stand?

– In recent months, especially since the incorporation of Gnosis products into our portfolio, we have seen enormous potential in the nutraceuticals and food supplements sector. We had already opted for this sector through, first of Novastell, with whom we have had a great reception of its phosphatilcolinas and fosfatilserinas; to which we add later the vegetable chitosan of KitoZyme and now, with Gnosis has already been a real explosion in the nutraceutical segment. In functional we are promoting a campaign in the direction of reducing sugars in food products, betting on providing fiber and aromas that allow organoleptically modify the product, which also combines the offer of two of my represented, Prova, with its vanilla aromas and caramel and Cosucra with its pea fibers. For all these reasons, we have considered that being exhibitors at Nutraceuticals Europe can be a good opportunity to highlight our offer in this segment, and all these proposals and some other surprise is what the visitor to the show will find on our stand.


TF.- How do you assess the evolution of the food ingredients sector in 2016/2017? Is there a growing interest of the food and beverage industry in innovation? Which segments are the most active?

-We receive an end of crisis in this sector. However, its constant evolution often gives us a sense of volatility. Undoubtedly, the special food segments, both companies that are dedicated to it and the nutraceutical products in traditional segments such as dairy or bakery, are the ones who win the battle.


TF.- How do you expect to end the current fiscal year 2017?

– At this moment, we are 12% over budget and, although it may seem a reason to trust, this evolution can only be maintained if we do the opposite: to be nonconformist.


TF.- What are your main projects in the short / medium term?

-We want to incorporate a new commercial for 2018 and we are exploring other sectors in which Innovafood is not present or has very little implementation. … And we want to fill the new office!