Nutraceuticals-2018During the 14th and 15th of February, Nutraceuticals Europe becomes a great opportunity to learn about the most advanced developments in functional ingredients and novel ingredients, through the novelties shown in the show by the hundred companies participating in this event. Solutions for osteoarticular, digestive, cognitive health, as well as proteins, vitamins and all kinds of proposals for food supplements are part of the list of innovation at the fair, in which Tecnifood (stand B29), preferent media partner of the meeting, participates in another year to report live these launches

The encounter with the launches in the sector of the functional ingredients and novel ingredients is one of the priorities of the visitors in Nutraceuticals Europe, room that to facilitate this search, organizes the Premium Substances space, an exhibition area, which allows an easy and Rapid identification of new products.


NUTRACEUTICALS-AFCA-EQUIPOAs highlighted by Esther Cano, general director of Aude Business Events, “Nutraceuticals Europe is an event focused on innovation, knowledge and business. Therefore, the whole event is aimed and focused on innovation. Visitors and congressmen will be able to find the latest news, “the scientific advances in all the parallel events, in the conferences given at the Summit and, of course, in the exhibition area, where they can also learn from their participating companies, their most innovative products. ” In this regard, we offer below an overview of some of the innovations that can be found at the event:




  • Innovafood (stand C20) attends NTC Europe 2018 for the first time, presenting advanced proposals from its represented, such as the Mithocondro de Gnosis that, “recently, has obtained the status of Novel food”; the sunflower lecithins and phospholipids of Novastell, and of Cosucra, “very specially, we highlight their new marketing image”. As explained from Innovafood, “our purpose in the contest is to consolidate ourselves in the market of nutraceutical products as well as to be able to formalize the agreement with a major manufacturer of specialties focused on nutritional supplements”.



  • Vitae Naturals (stand D06) participates for the second year in Nutraceuticals Europe, where in addition to its star products, vitamin E and sterols, “we highlight our new proposals in 100% natural antioxidant systems that we develop according to the client’s needs”, point from the company. In addition, around these products Vitae Naturals has offered a conference as part of the NTC Next program, to analyse the trend in the market of fats and oils, from synthetic antioxidants to natural ones.




  • NUTRACEUTICALS-MetaromMetarom (stand D20), a company specializing in the creation of aromatic solutions for the food industry, shows the advantages of its Acti’sens range, which includes proposals such as the Acti’mask Pro product line, designed to reduce perception of unpleasant flavours of proteins, both vegetables and animals. Metarom also presents its innovative line Acti’boost Sweet, specifically aimed at enhancing the sweet profile and thus reduce up to 30% the sugar content in beverages and dairy products.



  • In Comercial Química Massó (stand C41), “”in this edition we introduce our novelties related to the health of joints and digestive, and the new range of omega 3 and phospholipids”. Likewise, “we are accompanied by our representatives, who take advantage of our presence at the fair to present their novelties, such as the new brand ExcepionHyal JUMP and ExceptionHyal STAR of Roelmi, within its range of hyaluronic acids”. In addition, “this fair is the perfect occasion to promote two manufacturers that we met in the last edition and that, since then, we represent as exclusive distributor in the countries in which we have a subsidiary and active commercial team: Spain, Portugal, Poland, France and Turkey. , ITS, English manufacturer of aromas and functional developments, and Romega, Norwegian manufacturer of omega 3 and caviar phospholipids with many studies of effectiveness against psoriasis, among others “.
  • NUTRACEUTICALS-IMCDIMCD (stand C38) is the target of its first participation in Nutraceuticals Europe, “to promote our application laboratory, where we create formulations and concepts for the market”. As for its offer in the room, “we are focusing on concepts such as joint health, bone development, cognitive improvement and digestive health, thanks to the ingredients provided by our different represented, such as Wacker Biosolutions, Nattopharma and Network Nutrition, among other”.




  • Inquiaroma (stand D38) emphasizes “the promotion of functional ingredients, focused on the prevention of aging, osteoarticular health and other benefits.” In the field of osteoarticular health, it presents two products: the hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides of high bioavailability, Naticol®, represented by Weishardt, and the polyphenols extracted from the grape and the olive OleoGrapeSeed® from Grap’sud®. In prevention of aging, Inquiaroma, proposes ingredients such as DaltonMax 700®, represented by Improve USA, an aloe vera gel 200 times concentrated with chains of high molecular weight, with effects such as stimulation of the immune system, and pineapple extract. ExGrape® Seed grape, from Grap’sud®. In addition, it informs about other ingredients, such as CurQfen® from the Indian firm Akay, an exact one of turmeric with fenugrec fiber; and Tapiocaline, tapioca clean label derivatives of the French company Tipiak.
  • NUTRACEUTICALS-stand-TradesTrades (stand C21) presents in this edition of Nutraceuticals Europe “our ingredients for the dietetic sector, supplements and sports nutrition, for which we have the collaboration of our represented Primex (manufacturer of Chitosan and Liposan Ultra) and Abyss (manufacturer of cartilage, collagen and peptides of marine origin) “. The firm has this year “a small space where visitors can taste applications made with our range of powdered proteins (milk and vegetables), with instant oatmeal from our represented Glanbia and with flours of seeds and nuts; with the best flavor contributed by the aromas of our partner Curt Georgi “.




  • Disproquima, together with IGH Flavors & Technology (stand C30) is present, for the second year in a row, at the Nutraceuticals Europe fair. Disproquima has bet heavily on nutraceuticals, presenting a wide range of innovative products focused on different functional needs such as improving memory, joints, women’s health, immunity, etc. The aim of the company in Nutraceuticals Europe is, as explained by the company, “to make our ingredients known, expand our network of contacts and find new business opportunities, offering health productsthat improve the daily lives of people ” On the other hand, sources of IGH Flavors & Technology indicate as purpose in the meeting, “to achieve national brand awareness and to enhance our range of natural aromas for the segment of dietetics and nutraceuticals”. With this objective, IGH presents, in addition to its range of natural aromas, a line of three functional drinks flavored with natural aromas: Vita Bones, with calcium and vitamin D flavored with natural orange; Vita Shark with shark cartilage, vitamins and mineral salts flavored with natural aroma of lemon lime and Vita Energy, with L-carnitine and Coenzyma Q10.
  • NUTRACEUTICALS-Pharmafoods-standPharmafoods (stand C40) has in its stand the presence of several of its represented companies: Nutrifoods (Spain), specializes in nutritional ingredients for the industries of food supplements, sports nutrition, health and wellness, with which ” at Nutraceuticals Europe, we announce our personalized service offer. ” AstaReal (Sweden), the first company in the world to commercially produce natural Astaxanthin from microalgae, marketed under the brand AstaReal®, on which “in Nutraceuticals Europe, we show the excellences it presents as the only antioxidant without pro-oxidant effects”. Lycored (Israel), specialist in lycopene, signature of which “we present the new microencapsulated assets”. From Nattopharma (Norway) “we highlight the new microencapsulated version of natural vitamin K2”. From THT (Belgium), “we present the tindalized line of probiotics”. From Prosol (Italy) “we highlight among other products Ribocare® 5 ‘natural nucleotides, individual or mixed, for baby foods and dietary supplements, Ribomix® natural flavor enhancers, the Brist ™ range of functional yeast extracts and Ribodiet® source of nucleotides, nucleosides, oligonucleotides, fragments of ribonucleic acids, amino acids and vitamins of group B “.



  • Kemtia (stand B11) focuses its attention on this edition of Nutraceuticals Europe on the nutritional deficiencies and needs of seniors, presenting functional ingredients to improve the quality of life of this group of people, such as vegan food supplements as prevention to sarcopenia. For the company, “the event is the ideal platform to disseminate the values of functional ingredients, novel ingredients, and their contributions to the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries”.





  • NUTRACEUTICALS-stand-SolchemSolchem Nature (stand C11) stands out especially in its stand the Krill Superbaen concentrated version “Superba boost and odorless, unique in the market”, as well as Peptan® collagen. The company, which already participated as an exhibitor in the first edition of Nutraceuticals Europe, repeats the experience, with the aim of “meeting with our regular customers, optimizing the time, and taking the opportunity to present the news. In addition to the opportunity to attract new customers. “



  • Galenicum Special Ingredients(stand C29) promotes its innovations in natural ingredients in the show, “from substitutes of the carmine free coloring of number E for the meat industry, through the incorporation of natural vitamin E, in order to offer the lipid market an alternative to the classic synthetic antioxidants, as well as a range of vegetable proteins from hemp and rice and a gamma aminobutyric acid (Gaba), obtained by natural means. In addition, the firm takes advantage of this to make known “our recent distribution agreement for vitamin E of natural origin from the Spanish manufacturer Vitae Naturals“.




  • DKSH (stand C31) returns to this edition of Nutraceuticals Europe, to show together with its business partners Anklam Extrakt, Gelita and Kaneka, their innovations, focusing on food supplements and nutrition, as well as ingredients for beverages and dairy, confectionery and bakery. In the company’s opinion, “the event is a great opportunity to meet with professionalsfrom the local industry and promote our broad and innovative portfolio, as well as our value-added services.”
  • NUTRACEUTICALS-stand-RETTENMAIERRettenmaier Ibérica (stand D10) highlights in the show the advantages for the production and stability of probiotic tablets compared to its more usual presentation in capsules, made with the highly functional coprocessor Prosolv® Easytab Nutra.




  • Safic-Alcan Specialties (stand B35) includes the vitamin K2 from Kappa Bioscience in the offer shown on its stand. The firm puts the accent on the functional solutions to prevent arterial stiffness, through the vitamin K2 MK-7 of the K2Vital® line.