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Megaflora SeniorTM by SOLCHEM NATURE

Megaflora Senior is a probiotic formulation specially developed for the daily maintenance of intestinal health balance in the elderly. Megaflora Senior is a selection of the best probiotic bacteria suitable for each case, but it also includes a series of ingredients selected through ProbioAct technology. ProbioAct stands for PROBIOtic ACTivity and is a developed technology that focuses on ingredients that surround probiotic bacteria. Probioact provides specific protection and nutrition to bacteria.
All the ingredients that are part of the Megaflora formulations have a special function that produces:

  • High level of stability.
  • High survival through the gastrointestinal tract.
  • High metabolic activity.

In Megaflora Senior, the ProbioAct technology includes corn starch and maltodextrins in the matrix, which guarantee the stability of the product at room temperature. In addition, the specific prebiotics inulin P2 and polydextrose P4 are included as additional nutrients for the bacteria. The vegetable protein and minerals in the product increase the metabolic activity of the probiotic strains in Megaflora Senior. Finally, it contains vitamin D3, which is often lacking in many elderly people.