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11:00 – 11:20 

Tyndallized probiotics: the new probiotics generation. Main advantages

The probiotics are some of the functional solutions in current health marked and probably the ingredient with more potential in the near future. Nevertheless, the sensibility of the same ones involve manufacturing processes under humidity and temperature conditions and specific conservation during his useful life on the market. These requirements prevent the utilization of probiotics on certain markets, as well as their application in certain pharmaceutical forms like Soft gels, syrups, etc… Nutris proposes the solution to the current limitations of the probiotics thanks to the new generation of probiotics Tyndal. The strains probiotic Tyndal of Nutris, allow their use in conditions not allowed until now for them probiotics traditional ensuring the maximum efficiency and stability.

Inés de Santos – Marketing Manager – NUTRIS INGREDIENTS

11:20 – 11:40 

Natural Sweeteners

1. Sweet Tea Extract Introduction
2. Monk Fruit Extract Introduction
3. Enzyme Modified Steviosides Introduction
4. Flavor Comparison
5. The Advantages of those Natural Sweeteners
6. Application Field and Dosage Recommended

Sophia Liu – Sales Director – HUNAN NUTRAMAX INC.

11:40 – 12:00 

Galenicum – healthy life

Galenicum Special INgredients will talk about its latest news on launchings and developments in the life science. By strengthening, with clinical studies done in humans, one of the most popular nutraceutical ingredient in joint care, Galenicum S.I. will confirm the functionality of its Hyaluronic Acid produced under GMP.

Moreover, GSI will talk about its latest in the botanical extracts field, always proven by clynical studies in humans as well as its fast movement on providing an alternative high quality and competitive source to the monopolized market of the microalgae DHA oils.

Jordi Fraguas – Sales Manager – GALENICUM

12:00 – 12:20 

Massó’s commitment to health

Pollution, stress, lack of physical exercise and poorly balanced diet cause the body suffers the consequences and needs an extra contribution as an alternative to drugs. For it, Massó has a great variety of assets with studies where we can see its effectiveness even in the most remote situations. In this way we help our organism to reach its old age in better conditions.

Silvia Trudda – Director of the commercial food department- COMERCIAL QUÍMICA MASSÓ

12:20 – 12:40 

AK Bone: New supplementation of vitamin K2 as an improvement in bone health

AK Bone provides rapid supplementation of natural vitamin K2. In addition, it allows the constant and prolonged availability of this vitamin, thanks to its production by Lactococcus AB194, thus contributing to the long-term maintenance of a good calcium metabolism, which leads to an improvement in bone health.

José Blásquez – Managing Director – VITAE NATURALS

12:40 – 13:00 

Laxative osmotic based on lactitol + prunus extract, classified as a food supplement

The product contains an osmotic laxative, Lactitol, associated with a well-known functional food, Prunus domestica rich in fiber, sorbitol and polyphenols, compounds associated with physiological benefits. A complementary combination easy to swallow, good taste quick dissolution and in a convenient sachet presentation

Begoña Soriano – Spain Sales Manager Pharma – DISPROQUIMA

13:00 – 13:20 

Quality, safety and application of Kaneka Ubiquinol

Is the world’s first and only ubiquinol available as a nutritional ingredient; is derived from Kaneka Q10™, the only all natural yeast-fermented and bio-identical CoQ10 available today; is more absorbable than conventional CoQ10, which means that optimal levels of CoQ10 can be restored quickly and efficiently, especially in those who are over 40 or are affected by certain age-related conditions. Kaneka Ibiquinol has been tested for more than a decade by scientists and researchers in applications such as Sport Performance, elderly people, cardiovascular benefits, fertility benefits, etc.

Alexandre Magnin – Sales Manager Europe – KANEKA

13:20 – 13:40 

Top ingredient trends in the United States of 2017

Ecuadorian Rainforest, a wholesale ingredients distributor, will go into detail of what has caught the attention of the U.S. Markets and the possible reason why. This is aimed to give attendees a view into the U.S. Ingredient market to see which trends may be applicable to international markets.

Steve Siegel – Vice President – ECUADORIAN RAINFOREST

16:00 – 16:20 

Control of contaminants in Nutraceuticals

The food sector increasingly tends to take care of consumer health, a market in growing development refers to nutraceuticals. The European Commission has been obliged to adapt the regulation on food in this type of products and the control of more pollutants is always demanded. This presentation will discuss the regulations that affect the commercialization of this type of products, as well as the pertinence and recommendation of how to establish a control plan of the same.

Pau Ortola – Coordinator Spain – LABORATOIRE PHYTOCONTROL

16:20 – 16:40 

What can Chitosan do for you…?

Versatility and properties of Chitosan and its various applications.

Hélène L. Lauzon – R&D Director – PRIMEX

16:40 – 17:00 

Collagen peptides and Naticol®

Collagen peptides and Naticol® The uniqueness and specificity of the peptides contribute to the biological functionalities which are validated by “in vitro / in vivo models” and by human clinical studies. Beauty from within, musculoskeletal condition and weight management.

Christelle Bonnet – Innovation Marketing Director – WEISHARDT

17:00 – 17:20 

Takex and Bamboo Moss Extract. Utilities.

The Mosouchiku extract, active ingredients made from bamboo, contains the anti-bacterial, deodorizing, and anti-oxidizing effects held by bamboos, and these effects are long lasting as well. Euro Global Foods develops safe and reliable products with this natural extract.


11:00 – 11:20 

A variety of different gels focusing on daily nutrient intake, cognitive function and weight management

The multivitamin gel delivers 30% of the NRV to help support micro nutrient intake. The cognitive support, also known as a “Nootropic” supports short and long term memory as well as aiding the process of information. The glucomannan gel can aid weight loss, two sachets deliver 1g of glucomannan which has a permitted health claim in weight management.


11:20 – 11:40 

Introduction to the clinically proven health benefits of Natural Astaxanthin and overview of market opportunities and trends

Astareal will present the latest product trends and launches form around the world. Astareal will focus on natural astaxanthin success stories, new product launches and trends such as a product category, product format and region specific information.

Andie Long – Sales Manager – ASTAREAL

11:40 – 12:00 

Safety and efficiency of dropsordry on urinary incontinence in Spain perimenopausal women

Dropsordry (dod) is a propietary blend of botanicals from SOLGEN and cucurbita pepo. Propietary clinical studies in European Women “92% of the women subject of the study refers and overall improvement in the quality of life”

José Marañón – Executive Vice President – TRADICHEM

12:00 – 12:20 

New tools for the development of high value added nutraceutical

Many advanced scientific studies support the beneficial effects of maslinic acid on health. Maslinic acid has currently many applications in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and feed industries. Despite the scientific evidence, its use as nutraceutical and functional food is still quite limited. NaturOlive HT and NaturOlive OE are highly pure hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein manufactured by Deretil Nature, produce from olive leaf of spanish origin using only water in the process.

Manuel Santiadreu – Director – DERETIL NATURE

12:20 – 12:40 

New probiotic mixture: Megaflora 9

Megaflora 9 is a new probiotic mixture which effectiveness and stability is much stronger than other mixtures. A special technology has been developed in order to obtain Megaflora 9 stability, which later on has been contrasted with the clinical investigation previously developed in this regard. Megaflora 9 contains different probiotic strains consisting of 1×109 viable bacteria per gram. The selection of these lyophilized bacteria is based on its individual characteristics which balance its benefits and act harmoniously with the natural bowel microflora.

Joan Martínez – Technical & Quality Manager – SOLCHEM NATURE

12:40 – 13:00 

Presentation of ASEBIO Agri-Food Position Document

ASEBIO will present its Agri-Food Position Document which introduces the last advances and opportunities of the biotechnology in the field. Biotechnology has become a tool that combines knowledge from scientific and technological disciplines providing efficient and environmentally compatible solutions in the agricultural and food production systems. During last years, the development of the biological sciences have given rise to a wide range of application and techniques in many industrial sectors. Specifically, in the agri-food field, biotechnology offers interesting opportunities to increase the added value of products, increasing the efficiency of processes, reducing enviromental impact and/or revalorizing by-products and wastes, among others. Therefore, biotechnology has become one of the main alternatives for the production of safe and functional food, improving the viability of agri-food production activity.

Daniel Ramon – Delegate Agrifood Council ASEBIO – ASEBIO

13:00 – 13:2

ABG10 + ® (Black Garlic)

ABG10+® provides all therapeutic benefits of raw garlic, without the inconveniences.

– Real alternative.

– Dose effective/Cost effective.

– (GRAS) according to the code of Federal


– Meets the USP./PH.EUR.                                                                                                

The aim of this study was to analyze the “ in vitro” effects of an Aged Black Garlic extract standardized to S-allyl cysteine on vascular function and heart damage induced by coronary ischemia-reperfusion (IR) in Sprague Dawley male rats. A new generation Aged Black Garlic extract standardized to S-Allyl cysteine by HPLC.


Victoria Alonso – Marketing Manager – PHARMACTIVE BIOTECH PRODUCTS

13:20 – 13:4

The labelling requirements for food supplements in Europe

Pharmanager Development is a consultancy specialized in health products offering advice for companies seeking help with understanding the important complexities of the regulatory landscape before them. In an increasingly challeging legislative environment, Pharmanager will preent you the labelling requirements for food in Europe, especially, on the food supplements.


Julie Jehannin – Regulatory consultant. Food and dietary supplements – PHARMANAGER GROUP

16:00 – 16:2

Protects your company´s innovation: patents, trademarks, designs

Industrial Property (IP) rights are similar to any other property rights, allow companies to benefit from their creations exclusively, preventing third parties from using them without their consent. The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) is the public body responsible for processing and granting these titles: patents, trademarks and designs, in Spanish territory.


Gema Esteban García – Senior Technical Examiner from the Patent and Information Technology Department of the SPTO – OFICINA ESPAÑOLA DE PATENTES Y MARCAS