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AFCA is the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributers of Food food additives and supplements. It currently has more than 120 members, including some of the most relevant companies in the sector.

AFCA’s mission is to provide its members with scientific, technical and legal advice, as well as education through courses, seminars and an annual Congress.


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AFEPADI is the business organization that brings together and represents companies operating in the Spanish market whose activity is directly related to dietary foods and food supplements , both in his role as manufacturing and distribution or related services.



AEl Clúster Of Nutrition and Health AINS has the mission since 2010 to contribute to the innovation of the agrifood sector Spaniard in the field of the aliments healthy and functional, and incrementar-ne his competitiveness through strategies that generate fluxos of knowledge and innovation.
It promotes activities related with the statements nutricionals and of health of the aliments, the development of ingredients, additive and aliments functional, the alimentary security, the processes and industrial technologies, the analysis of markets, the legal rule and the skilled formation.


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The Association for Self-Care Health (ANEFP) brings together pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and market medicines and products for self-care and working to improve the quality of life of citizens, through appropriate and responsible development of self-care.



National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers (Anfaac) represents more than 80% of pet food manufacturing companies in Spain. Anfaac employs more than 5.000 direct employees and creates more than 15.000 indirect jobs.

Anfaac is a member of the European Federation of Animal Feed Industry (Fediaf) and Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB).



The Portuguese Food Supplement Association (APARD), founded in 1986 was born to represent the interests of its members in the food supplement industry.

The main objective of APARD is to defend and promote the food supplements sector in Portugal.



The Spanish Association of Bio-enterprises (ASEBIO), founded in 1999, brings together 280 companies, associations, foundations, universities, hospitals, technological and research centers that carry out their activities directly or indirectly in relation with biotechnology in Spain. Its main task is to represent and defend the sector in the Public Administration (community, state, regional and local). It is a member of the CEOE and various Commissions related to the field of biotechnology; it has a presence in EuropeBio / ICBA (International Council of Biotech Associations) and has relations with other international associations and maintains collaboration with platforms such as Vet+i, SusChem and SEBBM, innovative medicines, nanomedicine, health technology, etc.


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The European Specialist Sport Nutrition Alliance is the trade association representing the interests of the sport nutrition sector across the European Union. ESSNA works actively with policy-makers, regulatory authorities and the media to defend the reputation of the market across the continent, and to promote positive messages about responsible sport nutrition products.



DETIC is the Belgian and Luxembourg association for producers and distributors of cosmetics, cleaning and maintenance products, adhesives and sealants. The main mission of DETIC is to support its members by guiding and advising about the responsible marketing of their products, services and solutions.



EHPM represents the interests of specialist health product manufacturers and distributors in Europe. It works towards developing an appropriate regulatory framework throughout the EU for its members’ products, and promotes industry best practices for product quality and safety.



The Federation of European Specialty Food Ingredients Industries (ELC) is the voice of about than 200 manufacturers of food ingredients in Europe. It combines credible science and trusted experts to provide cutting edge information to the public and policy makers about the many health and functional benefits relating to specialty food ingredients.  At the forefront of this dynamic industry for more than 30 years, the ELC is dedicated to creating a positive EU regulatory environment to help foster innovation.



Farmaindustria is the National Trade Association of the Spanish based pharmaceutical industry. It gathers most of the R&D based pharmaceutical companies established in our country, representing nearly 100% of prescription medicines sales in Spain.



LIKOCHEMA (Lithuanian cosmetics and household chemicals producers association) unites Lithuanian and international companies, which operates in cosmetics and household chemicals industry.



The Malaysian Dietary Supplement Association represents the interests of dietary supplement companies in Malaysia. It is dedicated to help consumers make the right choice of supplements to maintain and boost their health.



Stanpa, is the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics.

Founded in 1952, it integrates more than 400 entities.

It promotes the development of a competitive and sustainable industry, which offers quality products and is committed with the consumers and the improvement of society and it also assumes the sector’s institutional representation and offers its members information and services of a technical, legal, labor, training and support to internationalization


With over 225 members (manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, distributors, processors, consultants and service providers), SYNADIET is a unique representative force in France. Today, it is the largest national professional body in the European Union in terms of the composition of its members.

In line with regulatory and health requirements, SYNADIET develops proposals and concrete actions to contribute to the responsible development of the sector, particularly in the areas of quality, information and consumer safety.


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Veterindustria, created in 1977, is the Spanish Business Association of the Industry of Health and Animal Nutrition. Its main objective is to defend the collective interests of member companies that manufacture and / or marketed in Spain veterinary medicines, health products and animal nutrition and nutritional additives.


Technological Partners

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Under the umbrella of the European platform it is created in Spain Technology Platform Food for Life -Spain ( PTF4LS ) with the following representatives of the Governing Council : IFLA , AINIA , AMEC , ANFACO- CECOPESCA , ASAJA, IRTA , CNTA , CTC and VITARTIS .

The mission of the Platform is the presentation of national and international collaborative projects between companies, research centers or organizations both public and private and universities ..



AINIA is a technological center that works to boost the competitiveness of companies with R + D + i. It has more than 700 associated companies. It is a center specialized in the formulation and development of new foods and functional cosmetics and their scientific validation. Also in bioproduction of compounds of high added value (probiotics, industrial starters, selected microorganisms …) of great value in the nutraceutical field.



Eurecat technology center is the largest supplier of industrial technology in Catalonia, it offers to Spanish companies research, innovation and technology services in the formulation of new ingredients, products and nutraceuticals, and in the scientific validation of its health effect on specific segments of the population , using biotechnology and omic sciences, among other technologies to ensure the sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness of innovative industrial production (smart management systems).


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PTV is a forum for the different agents in the Spanish wine industry to come together and deliberate, with the aim of becoming a true business-science network of cooperation capable of defining a common Strategy in the field of R&D&I, led by business.


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The Spanish Technological Platform for Innovative Medicines is an initiative that aims to encourage biomedical research into new medicines through the co-operation of all agents: Industry, Regulators from the various public administrations, Health managers, Basic and clinical researchers, Scientific societies, Patients and their associations.



The Vet + i Foundation, Spanish Technology Platform for Animal Health is a multidisciplinary forum that integrates all public and private agents linked to animal health in Spain: producer organizations, scientific and academic community, veterinary profession, public administration and the animal health industry.


Institutional Partners


The Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs , Food Security and Nutrition, Aecosan , integrates and plays in the competence framework of general state administration functions related to the promotion and promotion of the rights of consumers and users of goods and services as well as food safety and healthy nutrition.



The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness proposal and implementation of government policy on economic and reform to improve competitiveness, scientific research , technological development and innovation in all sectors , trade policy and support company as well as other powers and functions conferred by law.



The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment is the competent Department in the field of State Administration for proposing and implementing government policy regarding, Combating climate change, protection of natural heritage, biodiversity and sea, water, rural development, agriculture, livestock and fisheries and food