International exhibition and congress for functional ingredients, novel foods and finished products

Nutraceuticals Europe is the right place to strengthen the relationship of the industry of functional ingredients, novel foods and finished products with their clients.


5 - 6 March 2025

09.30h to 17.30h


Start of assembly:
3 march from 8 to 20h
End of assembly:
4 march from 8 to 20h


Start of disassembly:
7 march from 17.30 to 24h
End of disassembly:
8 march from 24 to 04h
IMPORTANT: night-time disassembly.


> Manufacturers of functional ingredients
> Manufacturers of nutraceutical ingredients
> Services
> Private label manufacturers
> Distributors and wholesalers
> Manufacturers of functional products
> Manufacturers of nutraceutical products

> Funtional ingredients
> Novel foods
> Finished products
> Nanomaterials

> Cosmetics
> Pharmaceutics


Nutraceuticals Europe is the right place for generating business

  • Contact new customers, identify new sales channels and seize the opportunity to introduce yourself differently in a competitive environment.
  • Gain the loyalty of customers. Loyalty is more than just retaining or keeping customers. A satisfied customer brings new customers.
  • Establish alliances for a more competitive sales structure, meet with agents, distributors and authorized intermediaries, reinforce relations, organize working or training sessions…

Nutraceuticals Europe is the place to be seen

  • Present new developments: Nutraceuticals Europe is the perfect place to showcase new products and services—the result of your efforts and investments.
  • Be there and be seen: Increase your visibility among visitors with influence and purchasing power.
  • Generate trust: Nutraceuticals Europe can help you build up a robust business reputation.
  • Maximize profitability: Reach out to key customers and segments in a short period of time with a flexible investment that can be adjusted to all company types.

Nutraceuticals Europe allows you to

  • Collect information: An exclusive concentration of professional visitors makes it possible to discuss issues smoothly and directly, share large amounts of information in a short period of time, exchange views and ideas, and meet potential collaborators.
  • Receive and provide training: Product presentations, conferences, round tables, industry reports, press conferences…all contents and all approaches from different points of view.


Official Catalog / Exhibitors Portal

Participants will have private access to the Exhibitors Portal, where you will be able to edit your company details for publication in the Official Nutraceuticals Europe Catalog and interact with clients. The Online Catalog has and agenda section where exhibitors will receive requests from interested visitors to hold a meeting with them during the event.

Exhibitor’s Pack

Exhibitor’s Packs will be distributed to all participating companies. Packs will contain a description of all the services and information you need to start preparing for Nutraceuticals Europe.

Promotional banners

Below is a download material so you can promote your participation in the fair

Online / Onsite Promotion

Nutraceuticals Europe is much more than a trade show. It is a business networking platform that will provide participating companies with a wide array of promotional tools, both online and offline.

Travel and accommodation

Registered exhibitors can benefit from great advantages by booking their trip and accommodation with the Event’s official travel agency:

Phone.: +34 699 348 165
Timetable: from 9:00h to 14:00h and 16:00h to 19:00h


For further information please use the following contact:
Phone: +34 931 225 262