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Latest News

Nutraceuticals Europe – Summit & Expo brings successful seventh edition to a close with 13%more exhibitors and 21.25% more attendees

13 March, 2024

Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo is now closed. This edition racked up...

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Discover the Latest Innovations from Our Pharmaceutical Laboratory at Nutraceuticals Expo & Summit 2024

4 March, 2024

As third-party manufacturers of dietary supplements and medications, we are pleased to...

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Nutraceuticals 2024 gives preview of latest innovations in healthy living and wellness

26 February, 2024

Extracts of olive, pomegranate and spinach, technological solutions for masking unpleasant tastes...

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Exhibitor's News

Euromed presents innovative natural solutions for the nutraceutical, functional food and cosmetics industries

21 February, 2024

Euromed will highlight its growiing range of Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetable Extracts,...

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Sabinsa Europe show its latest curcuminoids and healthy weight loss products at Nutraceuticals

21 February, 2024

Sabinsa Europe will be participating in this year’s Nutraceutical Europe event in...

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Vivatis has developed the firts hyaluronic acid of vegetable origin

9 January, 2024

Vivatis Pharma was established more than 20 years ago in Hamburg, Germany....

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