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Pisane®, pea protein by COSUCRA

Through the ages, peas provided the basic nutrition in the diet of peasants all over the world.
However, its nutritional and environmental benefits have been forgotten. PISANE® is a
convenient and cost-effective way of reintroducing these advantages to our diet.
PISANE®, a range of highly pure pea protein isolates that provide high levels of nutrition and
functionality is a sustainable, clean label and effective non-dairy protein alternative.

  • Non-dairy alternative. Milk substitute
  • Protein enrichment
  • Soy alternative
  • Emulsifying capacities
  • Gluten-free
  • á protein content: 88%
  • á digestibility: 98%
  • AAS for adults: 0.96
  • âantinutritional factors
  • Undetectable isoflavones levels
  • á iron
  • GMO-free