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C3 Reduct

C3 Reduct is the only EFSA-approved Curcumin product of its kind on the European market. Other curcumin-based products have to deliver curcumin in large doses to offer functionality. With C3 Reduct however, manufacturers can avoid the need to up dosages or mix curcumin with other artificial additives to increase bioavailability. This is because C3 Reduct delivers active metabolites directly to the body. C3 Reduct is the only concentrated and enhanced ingredient of its type, where the curcuminoids are already converted to Tetrahydrocurcuminoids (THCs). This product contains pharmacologically active metabolites of curcuminoids. It can swing into action inside the cells immediately – and provide measurable health benefits.

Curcumin is also yellow in colour, which can lead to staining issues along the production line. C3 Reduct can also help product developers to overcome this issue, because THCs are colourless. Manufacturers therefore do not have to worry about staining or off-colours.

Stand E70.