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Flavoxale® For Immunity by DISPROQUIMIA

Effective immunomodulator based on special propolis extract, honey and Manuka essential oil. FLAVOXALE® is a unique ingredient derived from the combination of an exclusive propolis extract (M.E.D. ® propolis), manuka honey and manuka essential oil. With documented and proven functional activities such as antibacterial, antinflammatory and wound-healing, it offers an exotic chance to enrich the content and image of food and dietary supplements products in an innovative way.

The specific composition in poliphenols and flavonoids, gives Flavoxale® the ability to improve the functionality of the upper respiratory tract, since it helps the bronchial secretions and it has a balsamic effect. *(Available claim for BEL/FR/IT Countries). With proven studies Standardized Polyphenol Complex in Upper Respiratory Tract Infections: A Monocentric, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial (Esposito C. et al., Phytomedicine Vol.80) (2020)

You are currently viewing Flavoxale® For Immunity by DISPROQUIMA

Flavoxale® For Immunity by DISPROQUIMA

FLAVOXALE® es un ingrediente único derivado de la combinación de un extracto exclusivo de propolis M.E.D., miel de manuka y aceite esencial de manuka. Su composición exclusiva de polifenoles y flavonoides hace que Flavoxale sea un ingrediente muy
eficaz: anti bacteriano, antiinflamatorio y cicatrizante. Avalado por estudios clínicos, sus usos principales son en sistema respiratorio superior y salud bucal. Claim disponible para Bel/Fr/It