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Insect protein, baobab pulp and hop extract: the ‘Premium Substances’ on show at Nutraceuticals 2022

The ‘Premium Substances’ zone at the upcoming edition of Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo 2022 (15-16 June) will be showcasing the latest developments in nutraceutical products and their applications for improving our quality of life.

The new location, in Barcelona, makes the event even more attractive, whilst a 50% discount continues to be offered to professionals purchasing their entrance tickets online.

Valencia, 2 June 2022.- It’s all steam ahead for the next edition of Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo. Spain’s ultimate trade fair focused entirely on functional ingredients, ‘novel foods’ and end products is putting the finishing touches to its showcase for the best the industry has to offer. One of the sections of the exhibition that is stimulating the most interest is the ‘Premium Substances’ zone, an exclusive area in which visitors will be able to quickly gain an insight into innovations highlighted by exhibitors themselves and that are already defining the future of nutraceutical products and their applications for improving the user’s lifestyle.

Mostly made from plants and offering properties that are highly beneficial to health, many of these innovations are marking the way forward for this class of functional foods and ingredients. Plenty come as a surprise, as with one of the products being presented in the ‘Premium Substances’ zone: a new line of functional ingredients made from insects that make up an insect protein for use in making baked goods or high-performance sports nutrition products.

Other notable products include a new glucosamine salt similar to folic acid that offers the same properties to help maintain fertility and cardiovascular health, and a new 100% vegan chitosan derived from fungi that has been proven to be able to bind fats and has an immediate effect on weight loss.

There will also be numerous products on show targeted at the senior citizen market, such as a natural marine ingredient that prevents cognitive degeneration and is comprised of marine peptides and Omega-3; a new application for vitamin K2 that helps metabolise calcium and prevent calcification of the arteries; a turmeric derivative with benefits for joints and cartilage; and a range of the best probiotic bacteria that maintain good gut health in older people.

There are some impressive new products in this same sphere too, such as a new compound made from hop extract that can palliate the disorders caused by the menopause; a cranberry compound that prevents urinary disorders caused by E-coli bacteria; various applications of pea protein for improving sports performance, and a bio-active dietetic supplement based on marine chitosan that promotes healthier hair, skin and nails.

In many instance the secret is to make appropriate use of what nature has to offer. One example of this is a new exclusive extract of propolis M.E.D., manuka honey and essential manuka oil, which is very effective in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatments and in helping the formation of scar tissue. These innovations will be on view at Nutraceuticals 2022, as will a new formulation of baobab pulp and acacia fibre (gum arabic) that improves digestive health and is ideal for those who have a fructose intolerance, amongst other ailments.

Completing the range of new products – bar any new ones that might come on board in these last few weeks leading up to the fair – are novel biotechnological ingredients. These include a decapeptide extracted from hydrolysed cow’s milk that combats anxiety and stress; a new ‘all-in-one’ collagen, and even functional elements that facilitate the production of extra-crunchy foods or foods with a light, mild flavour of green tea.

This preview of innovative products can be viewed, along with the latest product updates, online via the fair’s website.

Barcelona, one of Nutraceuticals 2022 major attractions

The effect of all the above is that, with three weeks still to go before the fair opens its doors, there has been a huge surge of interest in the event, which has boosted its appeal even further this year by being staged at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB), a modern venue in the Zona del Fòrum right opposite the Mediterranean.

Barcelona, offers a multitude of business and leisure attractions that are ideally suited to the Nutraceuticals visitor profile and are, without a doubt, a strong motivator for attending the fair. The organisers are therefore once again offering professionals attending the keenly-anticipated nutraceuticals industry event a 50% discount off the on-the-door price for tickets purchased online. Nutraceuticals Europe – Summit & Expo 2022 is southern Europe’s foremost international congress and fair for functional ingredients, ‘novel foods’ and end products. It is a trade event for producers, distributors and their customers and the last time it was held, in 2020, it brought together an offering from 120 brands and  2000 visitors, all professionals.