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New generation of prebiotics and dietary supplements to be under spotlight at Nutraceuticals 2023

More than a hundred companies at the leading edge of the nutraceuticals industry will be in Barcelona on 8th and 9th March showing the latest developments in prebiotic technology and dietary supplements made from natural ingredients, amongst other innovations.

Valencia, 27th February 2023.- All is set for a fresh edition of Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo. Spain’s leading trade fair dedicated to functional ingredients, ‘novel foods’ and finished products returns to the Barcelona International Convention Centre on 8th and 9th March. This sixth edition of the event will be turning the spotlight on the latest advances in the industry.

Some of these innovations will be on show in the ‘Premium Substances’ zone, an exclusive exhibition zone within the event’s commercial area where visitors can see these innovations and the exhibitors showing them quickly and easily.

The innovations relate to the new generation of prebiotics, natural supplements and dietary supplements that reflect the latest research and technological advances and make this one of the most cutting-edge areas of the nutrition market.

One example is a new generation of talc-free film coatings, made specifically for tablets and capsules, and created from natural colours and iron oxide. Another is the first prebiotic made from 100% Golden kiwi from New Zealand that improves the composition of the intestinal microbiome, ideal for those who suffer from constipation and as a support for digestive health and the immune system.

Innovations are being drawn from the world of nature, too, such as different applications for cacao pulp, which can be turned into various nutritional ingredients; prebiotic gummies made from galacto-oligosaccharides and type II marine collagen, which is perfect for mitigating joint pain, minimising wrinkles and significantly improving skin density – by up to 43%.

Also on show will be a unique superfood compound scientifically proven to protect the body’s collagen; and a more stable dipeptide that stabilises levels of glutamine to support muscle health.

The ‘Premium Substances’ zone will also feature innovations, including a new formulation of alpha lipoic acid that can eliminate free radicals, which accelerate ageing; and a patented mineral complex based on fruit, nuts and pulses that improves joint comfort and mobility in just seven days.

Other notable products include a powder obtained from prickly pear juice, rich in polysaccharides and with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the first vegan hyaluronic acid, which is good for both the skin and the bones, and a new, improved and purer version, derived from natural ingredients, of vitamin K2 in the form of MIIK7, an essential component of food supplements, that also contains vitamin D3 and calcium for bone health.

Other solutions on show that boast 100% natural formulations include L-teanine, which is extracted from the leaves of the tea plant, is not fermented and is used in food, drinks and supplements that have a calming effect; instant jasmine tea and blood orange extract that can be used for weight control and acts on accumulated fat.

All these innovations can be viewed already online in the ‘Premium Substances’ section of the Nutraceuticals 2023 website.