You are currently viewing NUTRACEUTICALS Europe Summit & Expo, adds three important associations that will promote the diffusion of the call.

NUTRACEUTICALS Europe Summit & Expo, adds three important associations that will promote the diffusion of the call.

ASEBIO, SYNADIET and EURECAT complete the list of twenty-five institutions, both national and international, in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

The first edition of the event, to be held on 22 and 23 February 2017 in Madrid, will bring together suppliers of functional ingredients and their customers, as well as the scientific and academic community specialized in the field.


The Spanish Association of Bio-enterprises (ASEBIO), founded in 1999, brings together 280 companies, associations, foundations, universities, hospitals, technological and research centers that carry out their activities directly or indirectly in relation to biotechnology in Spain. 

Its main task is to represent and defend the sector before the Public Administration (community, state, regional and local). It is a member of the CEOE and of the various Commissions related to the field of biotechnology; It has a presence in EuropeBio / ICBA (International Council of Biotech Associations) and has relations with other international associations and maintains close collaboration with platforms such as Vet + i, SusChem and SEBBM, innovative medicines, nanomedicine, health technology, etc.


With more than 225 members (manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, distributors, processors, consultants and service providers), SYNADIET is a unique representative force in France. Today, it is the largest national professional body in the European Union in terms of the composition of its members.

In line with regulatory and health requirements, SYNADIET develops proposals and concrete actions to contribute to the responsible development of the sector, particularly in the areas of quality, information and consumer safety.


Eurecat technology center is the largest supplier of industrial technology in Catalonia, and it offers to the Spanish companies research, innovation and technology services in the formulation of new ingredients, products and nutraceuticals, and in the scientific validation of its health effect on specific segments of the population , using biotechnology and omic sciences, among other technologies to ensure the sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness of innovative industrial production (smart management systems).


The first edition of Nutraceuticals Europe, which is about to take place, has succeeded in attracting the interest of the industry as well as the scientific and academic community.

With the latest additions of ASEBIO, SYNADIET and EURECAT, the event already has twenty-five institutions from the business, scientific and institutional spheres of all sectors related to functional ingredients and products.

The combination of the training sessions at the Nutraceuticals Europe Congress, the open sessions of NTC Next and Seminar Theater, and the direct contact with the companies specialized in the most important functional ingredients of the market, make the call an essential event for the professionals of the sector.