You are currently viewing NUTRACEUTICALS Europe Summit & Expo, will meet in Madrid (Spain) the sector of the functional and novel ingredients, next 22nd and 23rd February at Feria de Madrid venue.

NUTRACEUTICALS Europe Summit & Expo, will meet in Madrid (Spain) the sector of the functional and novel ingredients, next 22nd and 23rd February at Feria de Madrid venue.

Sixty exhibiting companies, fifty speakers, more than twenty-five institutions and the support of the Ministries of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness; Health, Social Services and Equality; Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment, define a unique event.

The growth of the food supplements in recent years, the increased demand for nutraceutical ingredients in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, has generated great interest in both scientific community and business sector.

The first edition expects to gather more than 2000 professionals from all over Europe.


MARKET. – Nutraceuticals Europe is born at a time when industry is required by consumers to increase the value propositions of their products. Given this scenario, the event will provide innovative solutions, which will give concrete answers to a very demanding global market.

The global nutraceutical market was valued by Mordor Intelligence at around USD 205.39 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach around USD 294.79 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 6.3% from 2017 to 2022.

A primary impetus for such growth is consumer demand; consumers are looking to follow healthy lifestyles and obtain optimum nutrition to keep diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity at bay

TRENDS: The US nutraceutical market still represents the largest nutraceutical market in the world. Companies are looking to diversify their products and move towards natural nutraceutical ingredients in their product offering. The latter is a consequence of the push from US consumers, who are extremely health conscious and demand specific ingredients in the products they consume.

THE SECTOR IN EUROPE: Mordor Intelligence reports indicates that Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden have emerged as the key nutraceutical innovation hubs in Europe, while the United Kingdom and Spain have emerged as the key test markets for new products, with the European consumers demanding energy providing products that promote healthy teeth, strong bones, prevent digestive health issues, boost immune system and lower cholesterol.


For the first time, more than 50 lectures, conferences and presentations will be presented in the South of Europe exclusively dedicated to the functional ingredients and novel ingredients sector.

With the participation of leading speakers, both nationally and internationally, Nutraceuticals Europe will present the latest scientific research, as well as the latest advances in R & D & I of the most relevant companies in the sector in the international field.

The structure of the contest combines the holding of a scientific conference with presentations, open, by the researchers of the participating companies, in the spaces NTC Next and Seminar Theater.


The first edition of Nutraceuticals Europe, which will be hold in two weeks, has succeeded in attracting the interest of the industry, together with the scientific and academic community.

Twenty-five institutions, representing supply and demand, from eight countries, have given their explicit support to the event, cooperating in the promotion, as well as defining, together with the organizers, the educational content of the event.

It is also worth to mention the support that Nutraceuticals Europe receives from three Ministries of the Spanish Government; Industry, Economy and Competitiveness / Health, Social Services and Equality / Agriculture, Fishing, Food and Environment, configuring a unique meeting point.


The organizers of Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo aim to attract to Madrid (Spain), more than 2,000 industry professionals from all over Europe.

The visitor’s registration in recent weeks and the expectation generated by a unique event, suggest that Nutraceuticals Europe will have great results on its first edition and in the coming years will become a reference for the nutraceuticals industry.