You are currently viewing Nutraceutical solutions for joint and cognitive health set to be main topic of ‘Seminar Theatre’ presentations at Nutraceuticals 2024

Nutraceutical solutions for joint and cognitive health set to be main topic of ‘Seminar Theatre’ presentations at Nutraceuticals 2024

Spain’s leading trade event for functional ingredients, novel foods and finished products has already released a preview of the content of the programme of talks and presentations set to be delivered at the ‘Seminar Theatre’ at the fair on 6th and 7th March.

Valencia, 2nd February 2024.- Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo, Spain’s leading trade event centred on functional ingredients, novel foods and finished products, has already released a preview of a significant part of the schedule of talks, presentations and workshops scheduled to take place in the fair’s ‘Seminar Theatre’. The highly specialised events will be delivered by representatives of companies exhibiting and will review some of the main innovations on show in the fair’s commercial zone.

This year, joint, cognitive and mental health, and specific solutions for the so-called ‘third age’ is set to be one of the major issues being addressed in the presentations. The Seminar Theatre’s opening session, for example, will see manufacturer Vivatis present the first plant-based, patented hyaluronic acid proven to support joints. Next up, Disproquimia will reveal magnesium’s properties for improving cognitive health through an innovative magnesium threonate salt that improves memory, relieves anxiety and helps prevent cognitive deterioration.

In the following presentation, Seppic will reveal its keenly anticipated nutraceutical ingredient containing ceramides that has been clinically proven to effectively promote hair growth, whilst Mibelle Biochemestry will give a talk on three ways of rejuvenating, protecting and boosting the skin’s longevity.

At 11.40, Alifarma will be on stage to talk about what has become one of the most widely sold joint health ingredients in the world, a patented blend of two synergistic extracts of Boswellia serrata gum resin. The company has also booked the next slot to present the solutions they sell that they source from New Zealand and are based on bioactive products derived for example from kiwi fruit.

The morning session will conclude with three presentations: one by Korott, which will present probiotic solutions that go beyond the gastrointestinal tract; one by Indena about how the technology it is developing to regulate blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels is progressing; and lastly, manufacturer Novozymes will be presenting its mental health solution based on a latest-generation probiotic strain containing Bifidobacterium longum 1714.

The afternoon session will bring the first day at the ‘Seminar Theatre’ to a close, with presentations by Gelita and Synapharm, who will be introducing the first protein made of bioactive collagen peptides that boost performance, resistance and energy metabolism in athletes on the one hand and, on the other, a new Magnesium N-Acetyltaurinate salt that acts specifically on women’s cognitive health and wellbeing.

Nutrition, dermo-aesthetics and mental health

On the second and last day of Nutraceuticals 2024, the programme of presentations continues with Solchem Nature introducing a new natural alternative pain relief for treating joint and menstrual pain, headaches and diabetic neuropathy. Next, Lehvoss Iberia will also be showing a solution for joint relief, based on a specifically formulated blend of natural plants.

Meanwhile, Alesco will be presenting a new technology they have developed and patented that is a unique system that transforms the most common natural elements into highly efficient, safe functional ingredients.

Next on stage, Abyss Ingredientes will be presenting the first ‘dermaceutical’ – half dermo-cosmetic, half nutraceutical – ingredient to have been developed, whilst Gnosis by Lesaffre will be showing its new SAMe metabolising agent that signifies an advance in mitigating age-related change.

The last three presentations in the ‘Seminar Theatre 2024’ are scheduled to be given by Azelis, which will be introducing its new patented nutraceutical supplement that improves memory, Kyojin, which will be showing its new probiotic that stimulates the immune system, intestinal wellbeing and the nervous system and, lastly, Tradichem Group, which will be presenting its new type-II native collagen that stimulates natural reconstruction and repair of joint cartilage.

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