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Sirio Pharma: 2023 will be the year of the Gummy

Global CDMO to present rapid R&D capabilities for novel oral dosage forms at Nutraceuticals Europe

Sirio Pharma – the global CDMO with dedicated nutra manufacturing capabilities on three continents – is exhibiting at Nutraceuticals Europe and predicts 2023 will be the year of the gummy, as new combinations and options quickly increase the demand for this dosage in European markets.

According to independent research, ‘consumer friendly’ formulations will lead growth figures across nutraceutical markets with advanced gummy formulations predicted to be among the most successful products. In the last few years, Sirio has launched gummies across a range of nutraceutical formulations, from on-trend vitamins and minerals to specialty combinations with probiotics and Omega-3, and for areas as diverse as immunity, beauty and sports.

Driving growth are new innovations, natural ingredients and novel combinations, with sensory and taste developments increasingly playing a part in the decision-making process for consumers. Consequently, nutraceutical brands need to work with contract partners that not only produce gummies with innovative ingredient and stability options, but also, have research capabilities to support a distinct range of taste, texture and colour requirements.

“Our customers first come to us because we have incredibly robust R&D capabilities and we explore all aspects of innovation, from trendy ingredient combinations to plant-based and sugar-free options; but end up staying because we combine this with a focus on sensory optimization to develop textures and flavors consumers will love. The other advantage is that our R&D teams are present on three continents, firmly rooted in the local markets, enabling us to often spot regionally specific trends ahead of time: an invaluable perspective we put at our customers’ service,” added Sara Lesina, General Manager at Sirio Europe.

At Nutraceuticals Europe, Sirio will showcase a total of seven gummy formulations, as well as additional co-development options for nutraceutical brands across its range of softgels – including patent-protected Probiotics and PlantegrityTM softgels.