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SOLUGEL® Collagen Peptides Portfolio Expanded with Premium Quality Fish Collagen

The benefits of fish collagen
Fish collagen peptides are renowned for promoting a healthy lifestyle, supporting skin health and beauty, bone and joint health, weight management, and enhanced physical activity and performance. Moreover, fish collagen boasts a captivating perception of purity and it is not bound by cultural or religious restrictions.

Why choose SOLUGEL® fish collagen?
PB Leiner’s SOLUGEL® fish collagen stands out as the ideal choice for customers in search of premium-quality collagen supplements. This can be explained by its combination of exceptional qualities. SOLUGEL® fish collagen is produced by using state-of-the-art technology and a meticulous process, which ensures the highest quality standards. Secondly, SOLUGEL® fish collagen offers a delightful sensory experience. A third key feature is its availability in different molecular weight options. Fourthly,

SOLUGEL® fish collagen* is available in both powder and agglomerate formats, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.

The SOLUGEL® fish portfolio
This range comprises four products: SOLUGEL® Optima FD and Optima FP, as well as SOLUGEL® Supra FD and Supra FP.
SOLUGEL® Optima is by excellence destined for oral consumption as collagen powder, boasting near water organoleptic properties, combined with outstanding solubility and wettability. Meanwhile, SOLUGEL® Supra is the best-in-class low-molecular weight fish collagen*(500Da). It is the only low molecular weight collagen on the market that combines a high di- & tripeptide content (45%) with outstanding dissolution properties and excellent organoleptic properties.

SOLUGEL® Supra requires only a low dosage (1 to 5 g) and it is free from bitterness and fishy notes, reducing the need for masking flavors in recipes. This versatility makes it a model match for a broad range of applications, including tablets and capsules, as well as powder supplements, food & beverage and cosmetic applications.
*This product is composed of Hydrolyzed fish gelatin.

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