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MNEMOSYS® by Abyss Ingredients |TRADES

Mnemosyss® is a patented natural marine ingredient that prevents cognitive decline recently launched by Abyss Ingredients
Cognitive decline is nothing else than memory disorders linked to neurobiological alterations which naturally appear with age: chronic inflammation, neuronal alterations in our brain or deregulation of stress-response system.
Naturally composed of marine peptides and Omega-3, Mnemosyss® has demonstrated its efficiency in significant ways:

  • Mnemosyss® prevents memory disorders
  • Mnemosyss® limits neuroinflammation and facilitates the resolution of inflammation
  • Mnemosyss® improves the stress-response and reduces anxiety disorders

As well as providing an effective solution to the cognitive decline, Mnemosyss® responds to the growing demand for natural and eco-responsible products.
Mnemosyss® is made from by-products of local fishing actors and through a gentle, solvent-free and eco-friendly water extraction process.