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Active lifestyle

Immunity: High content of vitamins A and C from natural sources (Carrot powder and Acerola), as well as Zinc, that helps the normal function of the immunity system. This product has a pleasant blackberry and guava flavour with a citrus touch.

Relax: Contains Cyracos (Lemon Balm extract) that reduce insomnia and anxiety, helping to relax. We added apple and cinnamon flavours that nicely suit the Cyracos herbal notes.

Focus: Contains Cereboost that improves the attention and working memory. This product has an appealing taste thanks to its’ Cocoa powder base with orange flavour.

Physical Health: Contains Svetol (decaffeinated green coffee extract), which together with an equilibrated diet helps in the body weight control, as well as maca extract, group B vitamins and magnesium to help maintain the energy levels. This product has been combined with mango and lime flavours to give freshness and a tropical taste.

Stand C70.