You are currently viewing From a new vegetable protein to natural bioactive compounds for gut flora: ‘Seminar Theatre’ at Nutraceuticals 2022 set to address huge range of topics

From a new vegetable protein to natural bioactive compounds for gut flora: ‘Seminar Theatre’ at Nutraceuticals 2022 set to address huge range of topics

The latest developments in functional ingredients and components are set to take centre stage in the nutraceutical products trade fair (15-16 June, Barcelona) ‘Seminar Theatre’ programme of presentations.

Valencia, 6th May 2022.- With a little more than a month to go before the fifth edition of Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo opens its doors, the functional ingredients, novel foods and finished products fair has announced the content for its ‘Seminar Theatre’ programme of presentations. Comprising an extensive set of short lectures, it will give attendees an insight into the latest advances in the development of nutraceutical products and international trends in the industry.

Through a series of 20-minute talks, the format gives participating companies the opportunity to present the latest products they have launched to the one hundred percent trade audience that gathers at Nutraceuticals every year. This time, the different presentations that are already confirmed will address innovations in areas including vitamin B9, new vegetable proteins, natural probiotics and the benefits of spirulina.

Manufacturer Gnosis by Lesafire, for example, will be presenting the latest advances it has made in the different applications of folate, or vitamin B9, beyond pregnancy, such as for improving cardiovascular health and fertility in both men and women. A new vegetable protein will be presented in the first ‘Seminar Theatre’ session too: a vegetable protein with a high nutritional value that is perfectly suitable as a substitute for lactic protein – a pea protein made by Cosuca-Impag Iberia, which will be presenting its latest findings on this particular protein.

It has also been confirmed that manufacturer Disproquimia will be giving a presentation on a new component that can help improve sleep quality through a blend of natural botanicals. The session will continue with a presentation of a new natural bioactive compound rich in flavonoids developed by Natural Remedies and an alternative to CBD for treating neuroinflammation and neuropathic pain, created by Solchem Nature.

This first Seminar Theatre session will close with a presentation by Eurecat of their new screening platform for obtaining new, natural ingredients that have natural properties. Other companies slated to give talks on this first day include Ricardo Molina, Rettenmaier Ibérica and Probiotical.

Day two

The ‘Seminar Theatre’ programme for the 16th includes a presentation about a new ingredient developed by Vaneeghen that has been scientifically proven to support joint mobility and is made from a molecule found in fruit, nuts and pulses.

Also, manufacturer Giuvaudan will be revealing the results of its latest development centred on turmeric that at a low dose is biologically equivalent to standard products on the market and is effective in terms of joint health, sports nutrition and memory.

In other presentations, Eurecat will be talking about its research into the evidence for nutritional and health benefits of alternative proteins, whilst Granja Mamá Lombriz will present the ambitious project it has carried out to develop foods with high nutritional value based on spirulina, one of the plant foods with the highest concentrations of nutrients. Presentations by Rousselot and Lambinderm will complete the ‘Seminar Theatre’ programme on this second and last day of Nutraceuticals 2022.

The full, up-to-date programme can be viewed online via the fair’s website.

Tickets available now

Professionals who so wish can get their tickets for Nutraceuticals Europe – Summit & Expo via the website at a 50% discount off the price at the ticket office. 

Nutraceuticals Europe – Summit & Expo 2022 is southern Europe’s leading fair and congress dedicated to functional ingredients, novel foods and finished products. A trade-only event for producers, distributors and their customers, the last edition, held in 2020, drew an offering of 120 brands and 2000 trade visitors.