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Nutraceuticals’23 to present latest industry research and innovations in dedicated ‘Seminar Theatre’

The symposium, set to take place during the fair (8th and 9th March), will review the latest research into the behaviour of vitamin K2, the oils that are essential to intestinal microbiota, vegan L-Cysteine and the various applications for probiotics in treating skin disorders and intestinal health.

Valencia, 14th February 2023.- With just under a month to go before opening day, Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo is putting the finishing touches to the preparations for its sixth edition as the foremost trade fair in Spain dedicated to functional ingredients, ‘novel foods’ and finished products, set to take place this coming 8th and 9th March, once again at the Barcelona International Convention Centre – CCIB.

Nutraceuticals has in this regard determined the major part of the content to be addressed in its “Seminar Theatre”, the 100% trade only symposium taking place in parallel with the commercial event that will present the latest innovations from exhibitors. The presentations will be highly educational, will last around 20 minutes each and will bring attendees up to speed with the most outstanding advances in the market.

This year the presentations will look at the new applications for natural products to improve consumers’ wellbeing. Examples include Gnosis, who will present the ways vitamin K2 can improve bone and cardiovascular health. Vaneeghen, who will present a new discovery for joint health – patented mineral complex Fruitex-B® – and Pharmafood, who will reveal the properties of elderberries that can be used for immunological and antiviral purposes. 

Other presentations being given in the ‘Seminar Theatre’ include one by

Givaudan on its experience with so-called ‘lifestyle nutrition’ to improve consumption of food supplements; another by Greenfield on essential oils for modulating intestinal microbiota and managing chronic illnesses; and one on the latest research by Labinderb on the use of probiotics to treat skin diseases. All these presentations are scheduled to be given on the morning of 8th March.

The symposium programme for the following day includes a presentation by

Lehvoss Iberia about the new properties of fish concentrates and another, by Innobio, on its new biotechnology platform and its focus on dipeptide and environmental sustainability.

Issues being addresses on this second day include adding vitamin K2 to supplements containing D3 made by Kappa and the production of natural, plant-based L-Cysteine for promoting hair and nail growth. Manufacturer Biotis will also be taking part, with a presentation how to boost innovation in digestive health by using high purity prebiotics.

The fair is working to finalise this programme of talks, which can already be viewed online via this link